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1. Murray Bowen maintains that "The Nuclear Family Emotional System" is made up of current family dynamics as well as emotional systems from previous generations.  Current family functioning is thus the product of: 

A. Individuation of family members

B. Enmeshment

C. Multi-generational transmission process

D. Interweaving triangles


2. According to Bowen, a family member who makes decisions based on clearly defined beliefs, opinions and convictions is operating from a: 

A. Solid self

B. Pseudo self

C. Differentiated self

D. Both A & C


3. Parents pass on to their children their own low levels of differentiation through: 

A. Paradoxical communication

B. Family projection process

C. Enmeshment

D. Meta communication


4. Emotional cut-off results from: 

A. Fleeing the family of origin with a pseudo self but still fused with its members

B. Differentiation/individuation

C. Maturation

D. Self-esteem


5. Bowenian Therapists: 

A. Immerse themselves in the family dynamics

B. Use paradoxical interventions

C. Escalate stress to unbalance the system

D.  Serve as neutral consultants, teachers or coaches


6. A major Bowenian tool to access multi-generational dysfunction is: 

A. The genogram

B. The family map

C. Family life chronology

D. Intensive oral interaction


7. Bowen Extended Family Systems therapy prefers to work with: 

A. All family members

B. Primarily the couple

C. The extended family members

D. Only the most differentiated member


8. "Fusion" refers to: 

A. Lasting family ties

B. A high degree of reactivity to other family members

C. The inability to separate thoughts from feelings

D. Both B & C


9. A dysfunctional reciprocal relationship is: 

A. Marital conflict sometimes characterized by a dominant, over-functioning spouse and a submissive, under-functioning spouse

B. Domestic violence

C. An undifferentiated ego mass

D. Linear causality


10. Major goals of Extended Family Systems therapy are: 

A. To raise self-esteem

B. To improve communication and help families with decisions

C. To improve dysfunctional, interactional patterns

D. To reduce anxiety, alleviate symptoms, and raise levels of differentiation

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